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9 Things Every Woman Should Spend Money On

Invest in yourself

Many of us spent some good solid years relentlessly building our careers and maybe also working a side hustle. We are caring for our families and reflect on the days that we overcame of struggling to make ends meet. We expanded that network of contacts and press on.

Maybe money is still tight, maybe you have new money to play with and can indulge. Either way, I have some tips for my women cohorts for what you should be spending money on right now.


1. Your Future.

If you have access to a 401k, use it. If you don’t, you may want to look into opening an IRA or other retirement vehicle.

2. Your Present.

Carve out time for your friends and don’t let life dissipate relationships. There is a powerful restorative effect that comes from female friendships. A tiny splurge here and there can go a long way to keeping that alive. Time passes by so quickly. Whatever your family set up is right now, enjoy it. Create memories.

3. Continued Education.

Staying relevant in today’s society is getting to be a full time job. Keep your ear to the ground. Look at newspaper subscriptions, industry magazines, podcasts, executive seminars, stem classes and coding classes. Whether you are an employee or you run your own business, you have to stay in tune with what is going on in the world or you will quickly fall behind.

4. Your Network.

You may have a solid grip on your career or your life, but you never know what life will throw at you, so it is always good to invest in growing a healthy network of contacts. Ellevate, is a global, cross-industry network of professional women. It is also multi-generational. These 3 elements add dimension to the support and perspective you receive in the network that you would not get in most networks. I recommend you check them out first. They have many local chapters. Chances are there is one in your city.

5. Rest.

Yes, spend money on resting. Whether that means spending your time off, traveling, going to the spa or just taking a long weekend. Rest is essential to your survival. Make time for your hobbies! You will feel more human and less machine when you fuel those passions.

6. Health.

Regular check ups to your OB/GYN are excellent in preventive care measures. Additionally, eating healthy is essential and can touch a gamut of lifestyle aspects, like hormonal balance, energy, mental well being, you name it. Investing in healthy nutrition is easier on a budget than ever.


7. Charity.

Whether it is giving to your church, or to an organization like Ellevate who invests in women, or to MyRefugeHouse, giving back makes the world go round


8. Skin care.

Whoever said beauty is skin deep was not far off. Your skin protects you! I am not all about the unrealistic beauty standards of society, but I am all for protecting our health and being our best selves. SPF, baby. Dermatologists will often do a complimentary consult and can point you to OTC products for your specific needs. If you can, invest in a quality stack.


9. You.

Wardrobe basics. Polished nails. Your hair. Whatever makes you whole. I am not talking about trying to be runway ready ladies. This is about putting your best foot forward, being financially savvy and electing to direct funding periodically and appropriately when needed. The woman that cares, is the woman that is heard. I know we wish the world were different. Sure, it would be great to think we can go makeup-less into a board meeting and command the room, but that is not reality. Bring your best self and let’s change the world.

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