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Show Yourself Some Love

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It’s February! Get excited! If you haven’t truly committed to your New Year’s resolution, it’s not too late. Reevaluate your chosen goal(s) and ask yourself: will this make me happy if I complete it by the end of the year? Remind yourself why that goal will make you happy because your ‘why’ will help propel you to stay disciplined each day until you hit your target. Then tell a trusted friend who will keep you accountable. And don’t be too hard on yourself, it takes baby steps before you can walk and then you can run!

Love your future self.

Remember, the things you do today will affect your tomorrow. Completing your 2019 goals will inspire you to reach new and bigger goals next year. You’ll gain confidence in your abilities and stretch yourself further. Just like exercising for 30 minutes a day may not prove effective in the first few weeks, but over the next few months you’ll sleep better, have more energy and manage stress just a little better--the same holds true for your financial goals. Saving 5% in your 401k may not seem like a lot today but over time it grows exponentially and your future self will thank you for being diligent over the years.

On this Valentine’s Day remember to show yourself some love and gain momentum in the goals you have set for yourself or stretch them just a little so you end with more than you ever expected. Increase your 401k contributions by 1% or heck another 5%! Over time, this nominal increase will payoff and all because of the choices you made today.

Show yourself some love today and get back on track with your goals and think big! Remember to keep your why at the forefront of your daily disciplines, your future self with thank you.

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