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Early Empty Nesting

Freedom. We all love that word.  When it comes to being an empty nester, that word takes on a whole new meaning.

Freedom from the responsibilities of raising your little army and caring for all their needs and training them in the way that they will be self sufficient.  What an accomplishment to have raised your kids.  And now it is time for some freedom from those responsibilities.

It also lends to freedom to do more of the things that you want to do in life.  And we can do more of those things if we were free from the burden of a home mortgage.  Being empty nesters, there is freedom from those extra expenses we were using for our kids.  We can now funnel those funds toward paying off our mortgage early.  I know that there is a case tax-wise for you not to pay off your mortgage early.  Yet, there is a tremendous freedom once your home mortgage is paid off.  And there is no amount of tax benefit that will over compensate for that.  Some things in life you just cannot put a price tag on.   So, I encourage you to refocus some of those freed up funds to be funneled toward paying off your home early.  You will never regret it.

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