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Thankfulness: Seeing Opportunities and Taking It

November came in a blink. Where did the year go? Suddenly, we realize there are only 2 months left and our brains start thinking about about holiday plans, how far we are from completing our 2018 goals and the growing list of must get done before Christmas. Our mind quickly gets overwhelmed by things we haven’t started, fell short of or want to complete before 2019. This is the month where we, as a nation, recognize it as a time to reflect on the things we are grateful for. Consider not only those that have made an impression on you this year, but all the things you did right. Don’t forget all the problems you solved and the obstacles you overcame. Acknowledging these things will help you to finish this year strong and also get you pumped to continue that momentum.


Thankful for my experiences.

Life is short. As fast as November came, 10 years can fly by. Experiences and life lessons encompass the what. Sharing and inspiring are the why. You make a difference in this world. It’s important to have experiences and it’s just as important to feel secure. Security in the different categories of life can vary between individuals. So you have to decide what security looks like in your ideal world.

Financial security is important to your experiences today and maybe more so in your future experiences. Be thankful for everything you have today. Break up your savings goals into two categories: (1) short term (emergency fund) and (2) long term (retirement). With all of this thinking about what we have and where we came from, we should be mindful of where we are heading, and constantly update our goals to get there.  

Thankful for my 401(k)

401(k)’s are a powerful savings vehicle. They allow us to save more than we could on our own and provide our future with more security than simple interest in a savings account and here are a few reasons how:

  1. Compound returns - the most powerful tool for a long term investor. 

  2. Tax advantage - whether you are contributing to your 401k pre-tax (the money you contribute does not get currently reported as income) or Roth (because earnings in Roth grow tax free)

  3. Flexibility to save and invest based on your personal capacity and not limited by minimums

  4. Looking forward to your future

  5. Leaving a legacy

Onward and Upward

No matter where you are, keep moving forward. You can do this if you are just starting or if you want to increase your savings goals. Today, avoid thinking of what holds you back and instead take a moment to give thanks for what opportunities may be in front of you and squeeze for all its worth.

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